Monday, June 12, 2017

Why is Pres Trump Still taking in Refugees from Obama's Iran Deal?

WTimes |S. Dinan

JS Details of this deal have floated around since Pres Trump took office. Why would Trump make speeches about no terror blood shed in America and still taken in ANY refugees from terror- related countries?


Trump moves to accept hundreds of refugees from Iran under Obama deal

President Trump is preparing to accept hundreds of refugees from Iran and other terrorist-connected countries, taking them from camps being maintained by Australia under a deal his predecessor struck, without putting them through the long vetting that usually takes place, according to a new report being released Monday.

Some of the refugees have tried to cleanse their social media presence to try to delete red flags that could cost them their chance to come to the U.S., the Center for Immigration Studies report concludes.

A staggering 88 percent of the refugees have some level of mental illness or disorder, according to a U.N. health inspection last year. And the center’s report documents incidents of rape and sexual assault perpetrated by the refugees on locals.

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