Monday, July 3, 2017

A Muslim Comes to Rural Minnesota

From Powerline 

This morning the Washington Post tweeted a news alert that said:
When a Muslim doctor moved to rural Minnesota, “it just felt right.” Then the town voted for Trump.
The tweet linked to this article by reporter Stephanie McCrummen. It tells the story of Dr. Ayaz Virji, a graduate of Georgetown University medical school who practiced family medicine in Florida and Pennsylvania before moving to Dawson, Minnesota, in 2014.

Dr Virji and his wife and children found Dawson, a town of 1,400 people, a remarkably welcoming place:
They arrived on a breezy fall day, and he remembered how it all seemed almost corny, from the park with little gnome figurines, to the wide streets named Oak and Maple, to the formidable Grace Lutheran church at the town center. The whole visit felt like one big welcoming parade.
More Powerline    by John Hinderaker

Shaw: Do you think the people of Dawson changed their minds about the new Muslim in town in a dream overnight and all the townspeople had the same dream on the same night?  I suggest that the Trump win made the town realize that they could now safely express their true feelings about Muslims.

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