Monday, July 24, 2017

America in Transition

At Independent Sentinel | By Joe Diamond

When President Donald Trump tweets, the world reacts. His cleverly worded comments often dominate the news, sometimes for days. (Did he go too far? Was he too tasteless? Is what he says fake news? or is he just a crazy man intoxicated with his presidential powers?)
With every tweet, it seems, he manages to upset the Washington establishment by stripping away another layer of corruption. For too long, the liberal left has controlled communications, and during that time, its staunchest supporters (educators, government leaders, and media members) have successfully dulled the thinking skills of independent Americans with their statist propaganda.

As a result, the President has had to resort to an unorthodox communication system to get his message out to Americans. His often on-target and irreverent tweets is bluntly exposing the left to the core.

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