Monday, July 17, 2017

Analysis: At the six-month milestone, can Trump turn around his struggling presidency ?


SHAW: Another wishful view of The Trump presidency from Wonderland.

The time for a turnaround is tightening.

The problem for President Trump is not just that he's had a bumpy beginning in office – so did John Kennedy and Bill Clinton, among others. It's also that he's heading into the second half of his first year in the White House without yet applying lessons learned the hard way about imposing discipline, compartmentalizing scandal and adjusting course. 

"It's a presidency under siege," Leon Panetta, a Democratic elder who helped rescue another embattled White House as chief of staff for President Clinton said in an interview. "Unless some dramatic changes are made, I think there's a real question about whether the presidency can survive."

The first six months of Trump's presidency were brutal.

The next six months could well be worse

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