Friday, July 28, 2017

Companies Turn To Convicts To Fill "Skilled Labor Shortage"; Ignore 95 Million "Out Of Labor Force"

At Zero Hedge

A lot of time has been spent of late discussing the apparent "labor shortage" in the U.S. economy.  In fact, just this morning, the Wall Street Journal ran an alarming headline alleging that the market for "skilled labor" has become so tight that housing companies across the nation are having to recruit convicted felons in order to keep up with building demands.

Erickson Cos., a Chandler, Ariz., based construction firm, has hired almost 30 former inmates from Arizona state prisons over the past year to build frames for new homes, an effort to cope with skilled-labor scarcity.

“We’re searching for every alternative avenue that we possibly can to help solve this labor shortage,” Rich Gallagher, Erickson’s chief executive, said in an interview.
Erickson is part of what appears to be a nationwide trend.

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