Saturday, July 15, 2017

Democratic Rep Proposes Bill to Mandate Regular On-Camera WH Press Briefings

Rep. Jim Himes (D, Conn.) proposed a bill on Thursday that, if adopted, would mandate that the White House conduct a minimum of two on-camera press briefings every week.
Himes introduced the "Free Press Act" in response to the Trump administration’s "hostile" attitude toward the press, the Hill reported.

"President Trump has displayed an overtly hostile attitude toward the press since the early days of the presidential campaign," said Himes.

The legislation is aiming to guarantee both regular and accessible White House press briefings. 
"This simple bill achieves two important goals," Himes said. "First, it ensures that the press briefings will continue on a regular schedule. Second, it guarantees the American people have access to the proceedings first hand."

More Free Beacon   by Kathryn Covert

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