Monday, July 24, 2017

Does The New York Times Want America In Iraq For One Hundred Years?

From Zero Hedge

Authored by Curt Mills via,

The headline of the New York Times piece was breathless: “Iran Dominates in Iraq After U.S. Handed the Country Over.” The content was only slightly less so:
“But after the United States’ abrupt withdrawal of troops in 2011, American constancy is still in question here - a broad failure of American foreign policy, with responsibility shared across three administrations.”
The statement is curious. “What about U.S. history of involvement there tells you it’s going to end well?” asks Hussein Banai of Indiana University Bloomington. Arango’s reporting, which advocates for “American constancy” in Iraq, “contributes to this mythmaking on all sides that all Iraq might need is a U.S. stablizing force,” says Banai. “And it’s just ridiculous.” (Iran’s foreign minister, the veteran diplomat Javad Zarif, also complained about this piece in comments to the National Interest on Monday).

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