Thursday, July 6, 2017

Every day tell the White House what you think about UN/US Refugee Program!

At Refugee ResettlemntWatch

A reader knowledgeable about the ways of Washington, tells me we must send letters/comments to the Trump White House daily.

You might think your comments fall on deaf ears, but she assures me that comments are tracked.

Silence on your part sends the message to President Trump that you are satisfied with the way things are going with the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program.

One message I want you to send is to tell the President (politely, but firmly), that he must lead in reforming the whole refugee program, that just jiggering around with the numbers isn’t reform. He must this year send some reform language to the Hill and tell leaders there that he wants real reform, not tinkering!


In my view, there can only be real reform when we stop paying middlemen contractors*** to place ever increasing numbers of refugees in to your cities and towns with no input from you who are paying for it all.


Go here to send a comment, make it pithy (but polite). 

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