Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Friends of Trump--Build us A NEW Media for the 162+ Million Trump Voters with Family Values in Red States America

By Jack Shaw

Half of America has no media to give it real news, real family TV show

President Trump is a billionaire and so are most of his friends and business contacts.
They have enough monet to overcome any obstacles come up building everyday Americans our own Media hub.

Here is what is needed to change that  as quickly as possible:

A reg Band TV station like ABC, CBS, NBC

A cable TV channel like MSNBC, Fox

A National news paper like USA Today.

President Trump has hundred of friend withe the money to build the above and FAST.

This might be the biggest achievement of The Trump Presidency: The Take down the Establishment news media by building an America First type media to compete with the fake news networks and papers that are available now.

This venture already has a huge audience waitng, 162 Million Trump voters, half the country
a Great business opportunity.

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