Sunday, July 16, 2017

Hillary’s White House would be no different from Trump’s

JShaw:The Media  is still living in Disneyland. There would be many differences and from this author we are still getting the Trump hasn't done much routine. This attitude will never change.

At NYPost

It wouldn’t have taken much for Hillary Clinton to prevail on Election Night. Donald Trump won the presidency with razor-thin margins of less than 1 percent in three states that had gone Democratic in the previous five elections — Michigan by 10,000 votes, Wisconsin by 22,000 and Pennsylvania by 34,000.

Yes, if only she hadn’t run what was likely the worst presidential campaign in our lifetimes, Hillary Clinton could have stitched together around 80,000 votes and could have been sitting in the Oval Office right now.

The interesting question is: How would America in July 2017 be different under a President Clinton rather than a President Trump?

The astonishing answer, if you really think it through, is: not all that different when it comes to policy.

More NYPost       by John Podhoretz

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