Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How to damage the Media--New, Real Media for Trump America Citizens

By Jack Shaw

I agree with SeanHannity that the media has no credibility, none.

There is only ONE media in America. All TV Channels, all print media tell the same key stories day after day. This is the left speaking with one voice. The news is what the a processed product of sources shaping a daily propaganda stories for the public to consume.

The public complains about the media, but nothing has been done to change this lack of real media
for the people.This situation has been like this since the 50's when TV began. Why hasn't this ONE media problem changed?

I suggest that this is how the Dems and the GOP, actually the Uniparty want it.
If news is controlled it can't hurt them on the air everyday and night and it can be used to veer the public away from what is really being done in  DC.

The only way this borg-like media changes is if New media comes forward.

President Trump knows other Billionaires and millionaires. Pres Trump should be in contact with everyone he knows with big money to bring forward a new regular band TV station like NBC,CBS, ABC. This group should also start up a cable TV channel like Fox, MSNBC and also put together a national newspaper like USA Today.

These new entities would shape their programming to the Family Values of half the country.
This would be an example of capitalism, competition that would start off with Sure viewers, readers that voted for President Trump.

The new media could not be ignored by big business. If 162 million people were following these new sources, big business would want to advertise there, get this business. Big business would have to do this as it was losiing the business of people who quit the old news outlets to go to the Trump outlets.

This could damage todaysone voice, borg media forever..

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