Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Illinois: Peoria high school makes private space for Muslim prayers, teachers don hijabs (video)


JShaw: There used to be a saying Did it play in Peoria? At that time Peora.Il was considered your typical midwest town, with American values and Companies would test their 'new'products in Peoria before deciding if the test product was mass produced for the rest of America.
But now the test product is having Peoria kids dress as Muslims and Peoria's schools make Muslim prayer rooms. If it can be done in Peoria, it can be done anywhere. The last few sentences in this article make me sick to my stomach. I lived in peoria for about 5 years a long time ago.At that time the high school in this story was the best HS in Peoria.

At Creeping Sharia
PEORIA — Several teachers and students had already donned the distinctive head covering and hurried to class early Wednesday before Ariej Mohamed arrived for school. But when Mohamed, a senior at Richwoods High School, saw dozens of students in the school foyer, either wearing or waiting to try on scarves, she went into typical teen-girl ecstasy.
Mohamed, who is Muslim and president of the school’s Muslim Student Association
The daughter of Sudanese immigrants…
Students, teachers and administrators have made Richwoods “a safe place,” she said. The school offers an Arabic class and makes private space for Muslim prayers. Both Muslim and non-Muslim students are members of the Muslim Students Association, whose numbers have grown from a “handful” to about 20 since it started last year, according to Mohamed.
Besides World Hijab Day, the student group organizes programs to educate people about Islam, including the many different cultures that practice the religion.

JS: The national media never reports the march of Muslims into American towns and cities.
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