Monday, July 3, 2017

I’ve Heard the Future of Talk Radio, and His Name Is Chris Plante

At American Spectator

If you haven’t caught Chris Plante’s radio show, anchored out of its flagship station WMAL in D.C., and now syndicated nationally through Westwood One, you owe it to yourself to tune in to the man who the sages (me, in all humility, included) at The American Spectator truly believe is the heir apparent, the dauphin prince if you will, to King Rush (long may he reign).

A talk radio host, to do his job well, has to delicately balance the role of informer and entertainer. That balance has been key to Rush’s magic and above all it has been Rush’s brazen and unabashed humor that has driven the left batty all these many years. Similarly, you cannot get through a Chris Plante segment without paroxysms of laughter. Those of you who catch him while traversing the Washington beltway, as I do, may want to consider an extra rider on your car insurance.

And those of you who like cultural and entertainment references mixed into and contextualized with your politics; Plante, with tart and acerbic glee, gives the great Dennis Miller, who often over-stretches his allusions, a run for his money.

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