Monday, July 3, 2017

Joan Walsh: Trump Voters Driven by Fear of Brown People

At Breitbart

This weekend on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” political analyst Joan Walsh (?) said President Donald Trump’s voters were moved by fear of “brown people.”

Walsh said, “Well I think it’s inescapable that’s part of it. The really good research that’s taken place since the election shows that fear of a changing America is the number one factor that you can see drive really the divides, a white Trump voter from a white non-Trump voter, that it’s fears of brown people, fears of losing the majority.

More Breitbart      by Pam Key 

JShaw: America has always had brown and black people and we are not afraid of them.
What Americans are afraid of is the government bringing in more immigrants than we need, immigrants that take American jobs and/or who never work and spend their lives being supported by working Americans.


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