Saturday, July 8, 2017

Our Absolutely Number One Priority---Build Foolproof Anti-Missile Defense System NOW

At AmericanSpectator

Of course, Reagan had it right almost forty years ago:
Just to make this as clear as possible right now, the absolutely number one priority for the United States is to work with Israel to make and deploy a foolproof anti-ballistic missile system immediately. 

Nothing is more important. We now know that a man as crazy as a loon has nuclear weapons, will very soon have the means to deliver them to North America, and has said over and over that he will use those weapons to incinerate American cities.

We now know that a man who makes Hitler look like a model of diplomatic restraint will soon have the means to turn much of our nation into a glass parking lot.
We know a lot about what the Kim family is like: they like to torture and to kill. They have zero, dead zero respect for human life or world opinion. They respect only force and physics.

The U.S. has some anti-ballistic missile systems. The Israelis are the world leaders in extremely rapid response time anti-missile systems, ballistic and shorter range. It’s time to make this a crash program more important even than The Manhattan Project: make systems that can shoot down the North Korean rockets. There is no excuse to fail to do this. The loony left very largely blocked Reagan’s Star Wars proposals.

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