Tuesday, July 4, 2017

President Trump Will Promote U.S. Natural Gas Exports in Poland – Chancellor Merkel Does Not Approve…

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President Trump and Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke at length today in advance of the upcoming G20 summit in Hamburg Germany and they set up a pre-summit meeting for Thursday.   President Trump leaves for Europe this Wednesday 7/5/17.
President Trump is expected to promote U.S. natural gas exports (LNG) during a scheduled enthusiastic visit to Poland.  Fraulein Merkel is not happy; not one little bit.  Merkel wants EU to buy LNG from Russia.

There’s a massive amount of irony in the narrative that Merkel is the savior of global leftist ideology yet she wants to be even more cozy with Russia for energy.  Meanwhile, regarding President Trump, the Merkel supporting left is on an anti-Russia crusade.  Go figure.

(Via Reuters)  […] Europeans will be watching to see whether Trump clarifies his administration’s position on a new pipeline to pump Russian gas to Germany, known as Nord Stream 2.

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