Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Refugee contractors increasingly admitting they can’t survive without your money

At RefugeeResettlementWatch

….your tax dollars that is. 
They can’t stay afloat on private charitable giving which says to me that there aren’t enough citizens willing to give their OWN money, or wealthy donors, who want more refugees in America!

“When you take out the underpinning that is the federal government support . . . the program is hamstrung.”

Angela Bovill
Here is the story from the Boston Globe yesterday!
It has been like pulling teeth over the years to get the contractors*** to admit that they are largely funded out of the federal, and sometimes state treasuries.  We should thank Donald Trump’s slowdown for forcing them to admit this. (They have had years slower than 50,000, but this year they can blame it on Trump!)

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