Monday, July 3, 2017

Refugee industry lauds Supreme Court, says we will get many more refugees in coming months

JShaw: You don't see it on any news but America is still taking in refugees. America is for some reason STILL in a 1980 U.N. program to settle refugees here. The State Dept runs this. Neither President Trump or Secretary of State Tillerson has pulled the plug on this program. Why? Now th Supremem court is making decisions on this program as it handles the Trump travel ban.

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I think it has dawned on them that the Supreme Court, in writing refugee law, has just exploded the decades-long concept that a ceiling is a CEILING.  Here they predict that it will be a refugee free-for-all for months to come.  Effectively they are saying there is NO ceiling (no longer even Obama’s 110,000) in place at least until October!

From Bloomberg:

Trump used his power to reduce refugee entries for the current fiscal year to 50,000 from the target of 110,000 set by President Barack Obama. But the number of refugees who enter the U.S. is likely to end up higher. Under the Supreme Court’s June 26 ruling, refugees who have “bona fide” ties to the country may be admitted, and they don’t count as part of the cap.

 Immigration advocates say that more than half of all refugees admitted each year have such ties. So even though the U.S is just days away from hitting the 50,000 figure, many more refugees may be entering the country while the 120-day ban is in effect.

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