Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Report: Trump told people he’d spend $10 million to defeat Jeff Flake’s reelection bid


Meh. I get why this is newsworthy but it needs to be graded on a curve. Any other presidential nominee vowing vengeance on a member of his own party for not supporting him would be a big deal. With Trump, he probably swears revenge on his enemies 15-20 times a day. Maybe more if Steve Bannon’s in the mood to egg him on, which he usually is.

You know how Trump likes to say “two weeks” whenever he’s asked about the timetable for some new initiative? He doesn’t really mean two weeks. It’s just a number he tosses out to placate the questioner and signal that the issue is a priority to him, whether it really is or not. The enemies-list equivalent of that is when he claims he’s going to pony up unfathomable sums to wreck some Republican backbiter in Congress even though the party establishment would revolt if he did. He did it with Ted Cruz and John Kasich last summer.....

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JSHAW: I don't have a problem with Pres Trump trying to defeat members of the swamp, even those that are GOP. Pres Trump needs to get Congress moving, passing his agenda. He needs to find a way to get Sen leader Mitch McConnell to get on the Trump train and move away from the donor gravy train-no matter how he does it.

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