Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Senate parliamentarian: Thumbs-up on reconciliation for ObamaCare repeal


At Hot Air

Great news, right? Now all they need is a bill, and 50 votes to pass it. Don’t hold your breath:

Senate Republicans have won an argument before the parliamentarian that will allow a House-passed health care reconciliation bill to be taken up and amended in the Senate next week without any obstacle, CQ Roll Call has learned.
After hearing arguments weeks ago from Democratic and Republican aides, Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough issued her opinion that the House bill (HR 1628) complies with jurisdictional requirements within Senate reconciliation instructions.
The development is significant because it means the hotly debated health care repeal written by the House can move more smoothly through the Senate without procedural problems. There still may be other challenges under the Senate’s Byrd rule, which bars extraneous matter, once the bill is under debate.
More at Hot Air   by Ed Morressey

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