Wednesday, July 5, 2017

States are right to deny voter info to Trump

JS: Pres Trump is right in wanting to inspect voting results from all the states. A HONEST inspection
of state's voting results is long over due. This system needs to be cleaned-up to ensure accurate future election results. The media always has to work their dislike for Trump into every news story.
Trump voters , which is half the country deserve their own media and can then ignore MSM.

At Strident Conservative

In one of the many examples of the continuing need to fuel his massive out-of-control, ego-maniacal craziness, Donald Trump is on a mission to prove his repeatedly debunked conspiracy theory about how he lost the popular vote to Hillary in 2016.

According to Trump, he would have won the meaningless popular vote if not for the “millions of illegal votes” that went to his Democrat opponent. In order to prove his tinfoil hat theory, Trump formed the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity by executive order.

Besides the oxymoronic appearance of the words “Trump” and “integrity” in the same sentence, this commission is a massive waste of time and resources for everyone involved. And while it’s one more reason to oppose Trump’s “witch hunt”—a word he likes to use whenever Russia comes up—the end result of this commission could be something that should concern believers in the Constitution . . . a nationalized voting system.

Such a result is not that far-fetched. In the months leading up to the 2016 election, the Obama administration, through Jeh Johnson in the Department of Homeland Security, gave serious consideration to creating a federally centralized system in order to protect the election’s “critical infrastructure.”

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