Saturday, July 8, 2017

Trump defends Western civilization – and media call it racist

Fox News

President Trump spoke proudly of the Western world pursuing innovation, cherishing art and writing symphonies – but the only instrument a Washington Post writer heard was a dog whistle.
Trump’s Thursday speech in Warsaw was largely acclaimed – even by longtime critics – as the president took Russia to task for destabilizing actions around the world and praised the Polish resistance during World War II as a model for cultures fighting existential threats. But several left-leaning outlets – including The Post, The Los Angeles Times, Salon and The Atlantic – decried the speech as an ode to white nationalism and anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant rhetoric.

The Washington Post headlined an opinion piece from editorial board member Jonathan Capehart “Trump’s white-nationalist dog whistles in Warsaw.” Capehart’s biggest gripe centers around the section where Trump touted Western accomplishments and that began with the line, “We write symphonies.”

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