Friday, July 28, 2017

Trump Exercising extraordinary Power over Executive Branch

SHAW: Trump was elected by many who wanted an executive who would be in total command,
Mike Rogers is part of the establishment that think they run America.

At Newsmax by David Ingleas

President Trump ordered a senior government official to support the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller, how should that person respond?

Adm. Mike Rogers, head of the National Security Agency, answered my question about that onstage last week at the Aspen Security Forum. He began with the usual caveat that he wouldn't answer a hypothetical, but then offered a comment that brought spontaneous applause:
"I will not violate the oath I have taken in my 36 years as a commissioned officer." He said he regularly reminds NSA employees to recall their own oaths and ask themselves: "Why are we here? What are we about? What is it that we are defending? . . . I won't sacrifice that for anyone."

In Trump's Washington, it's a fact of life that officials must now weigh whether they would follow presidential orders that might be improper or illegal.

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