Monday, July 10, 2017

Trump must up the ante against China on North Korea

At Fox News
While most experts believe North Korea’s test launch of an alleged ICBM this week marked a major technological breakthrough that significantly increased the threat of an attack by nuclear tipped North Korean missiles against the United States, a more serious problem is China’s growing support of North Korea. 

This test launch of North Korea’s Hwasong-12 missile represented a significant and dangerous advance for its missile and nuclear programs since Pyongyang successfully tested a two-stage rocket capable of striking Alaska and Hawaii, possibly further. 

While North Korea’s recent claims that the missile can carry a large nuclear warhead and can strike anywhere on earth are unconfirmed and have been disputed by experts, given recent rapid advances in the North’s missile and nuclear programs, it is clear that Pyongyang is racing to achieve these capabilities.

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JShaw  Raising the ante on China sounds logical bur other than more sanctions that will hurt US China trade there is little America can do to up the ante without causing a big problem with China.
I would rather get along with Chin and have a problem with much less powerful N.Korea.

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