Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Trump Slams "Fake News Story Of Secret Dinner With Putin" At G-20 - "Press Knew!"

At Zero Hedge

As we detailed earlier, it has been exactly one week since the latest Russia story involving Trump, or in this particular case his son, and with attentions once again starting to drift from the main news cycle narrative of the year, which was eclipsed today by the Senate republicans' humiliating failure to replace or repeal Obamacare, on Tuesday afternoon a White House official said that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin held a second, "previously undisclosed" (except to all the world leaders who were in the room at the time) meeting at the G-20.

According to Reuters, the White House confirmed that the meeting took place during the G-20 heads of state dinner, hours after Trump's formal bilateral sit-down with Putin. In that conversation, Trump spoke with the Russian leader for roughly an hour, joined only by Putin's translator. And while the meeting took place in the open in front of all other leaders, it had previously gone without mention by the White House.

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