Monday, July 3, 2017

Trump’s Twitter Is the Most Influential Media Outlet in the World

At Lifezette
Yesterday, President Donald Trump tweeted a mock video of himself body-slamming CNN in a wrestling match. It was a perfect metaphor for the past week — which the president spent using Twitter to chokeslam the fake news media.

The media erupt in faux tears whenever the president lashes out on Twitter, and pundits demand that he stop tweeting. They’re full of advice: He should delete his account. He should hire swamp monsters to cleanse his tweets. He should hand over his smartphone.

But they’re wasting their breath. Asking President Trump not to tweet would be like asking Teddy Roosevelt to carry a smaller stick. Or advising Abraham Lincoln that it’s more concise to just say “eighty-seven years ago.” President Trump will tweet until his final day in office, and he’d be a fool not to.

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