Saturday, July 8, 2017

UK journalist reveals Europe is way more pro-Trump than you think and his popularity is growing

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Another liberal media narrative busted.

It seems President Trump’s ideas are more widely accepted by Europeans than is generally portrayed and reported here in the U.S., according to one U.K. journalist.
“There is so much more sympathy for Trump ideas than you would guess from listening to the debates among the European political elites,” columnist for The Telegraph, Fraser Nelson, told Fox News’ Dana Perino on Friday.

Though Trump is often portrayed as a “crazy” guy with “out there” ideas, Nelson noted, it is European leaders, not the public, who are “traumatized” by the president and his administration.
“It’s certainly true that a lot of European leaders are kind of traumatized by what they are hearing coming out of the White House,” he said. “But for the public, it’s a very different opinion.”
Nelson made the point in a recent column for the Telegraph as well.

“Many EU (European Union) leaders are coming around to Mr. Trump’s way of thinking … in many areas, European popular opinion is firmly on his side,” he wrote.

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