Monday, July 3, 2017

Why is There Just ONE Media in America?

By Jack Shaw

On TV, radio, in print all we hear about is the Main-Stream Media.
One reason for that is that America has only ONE media.

America has had only one media since Television was invented around the 1950.

Early baby-boomers tell me that in the beginning there were two TV stations NBC and CBS. A little later ABC was on the air, part time. The boomers say that the evening news was a big deal in most households and most family watched, the whole famly,one TV set! But even then the stories of the economy, wars, taxes were the same on all three networks. All news stories and opinions were taken as truth, after all if it was on TV it had to be true!

In 2017, almost 70 years later there is still just ONE media in America. Over 300 million people get the same information from the same sources daily. The Fox News Channel is included although Fox
pushes American Patriotism, plays country music, etc but that did not stop Fox from going after anti-establishment candidate Donald Trump. Fox is part of the establishment.

All the TV channels regular band and cable plus all U.S. newspapers, magazines etc still put out the same establish messages everyday but stop and think for just one minute, actually stop what you are doing and ask yourself what if there was one NEW regular band, major TV station, a CBC, NBC-type station that gave the people the real news and reported on all the news events of that day.
What if this new station's version of the news was 100% different than all of other television?

Another way the new station would differ from current TV, what if this channel featured commercials selling products used actors according to the actual way American people and U.S. demographics really are? There would be many more whites, more white men and boys on TV commercials and regular shows, programs. Current stations show America populated the way Liberal and Hollywood
wish for.

To be like the other majors, during the day there would be game shows, talk shows, soap operas,cartoon shows, teen shows that again featuring casts that reflect how America looks.
During the evening the new channel would show dramas, sitcoms, cop crimes in the same format.

To top it off what if the new TV station didn't quietly push a political agenda BUT it's programing featured American family values. What!

If this new TV station was put on the air, half the country, the half that voted for President Trump would watch this channel every day and night.

Just one new major TV channel on the regular TV band, would change the whole political ball game in America.

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