Thursday, August 10, 2017

A Chance for A conservative Superstation TV Channel Is Here, Now--NY Times--Conservative Groups oppose it.

Sinclair Deal Draws Unlikely Opponent: Conservative News Media


JShaw: A conservative, traditional, family values TV station would change everything in the game of American politics. All of America would be exposed to real news, real programing showing what regular America really looks like--not the Leftist version of American life. Don't let Conservative or the Left stop this.This station may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, like Donald Trump Beating the system to become president.


The Sinclair Broadcast Group’s proposed acquisition of Tribune Media has ignited expected opposition from left-leaning advocacy groups that deplore news media consolidation and the right-leaning commentary the company pushes out to its local television stations.

But a more unlikely group has recently joined the chorus of critics: conservative media outlets that say that the merger will limit competition and wipe out independent voices.

This week, Newsmax, whose founder, Christopher Ruddy, is a close associate of President Trump, filed a petition urging the Federal Communications Commission to deny the Sinclair-Tribune combination. One America News Network, a cable network that has championed the Trump administration’s agenda, and The Blaze, a news and entertainment network started by Glenn Beck, have also pressed for a careful assessment of the merger.

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