Saturday, August 12, 2017

Can America Survive, Intact?

From Ace of Spades HQ

A correspondent asks this of Rod Dreher, asking if it would not be better for the country to divide into two or three smaller nations and each say goodbye forever to the others.

Dreher says the country can't survive, but it also can't split, because there are no easy lines of geographical division, so we're in for some violent, bad times ahead.

I never get this objection that there are no "easy" ways to divide the country. Of course there are. Hold a county-by-county referendum about which of the American successor states the people would like to affiliate with. Add in some rules about "islands" -- whether they'll be permitted, or if the new states will have to be contiguous, or if land will be conceded to another state to connect the "island" to the state it wants to belong to.

These things can be worked out. One of the weirdest things I hear people object to is the thought they'd have to move if the country divided.

Oh? You'll have to move? You mean, like you have to do when you're offered a better job than the one you have now? You mean you'll have to move like Americans used to do all the time -- sometimes even braving the Donner Pass?

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JShaw: I have been promoting America splitting into two or more countries a long time.
For America to separate is probably the only way the America we grew up in survives. The dividing up of states, areas should not be that hard. Look at any map of who won what in the last election (See Below.)
The piece by Ace of Spades has almost everything addressed and covered. I would add that the time to do this is now while Donald Trump is president. The Trump presidency could end at any time as both the GOP and the Dems want him out.After President Trump is gone do you think the establishments of both parties are going to ALLOW citizens to divide up the country? I say NO.

A new political party needs to be formed. All who voted for Donald Trump and want the country to split should change their voter registration to the new party. Call it Party America, Party X , 
a temporary name. Get the party registered in each state. Millions of people in a new party and the hollowing out of GOP voters will show just how serious we are about a new country.

As was stated in the Ace piece-there are easy way to divide the country and other things that come up can be worked out. 

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