Thursday, August 10, 2017

Charlie Daniels Warns Establishment: ‘The Days of the Career Politician Are Over’

At Breitbart

Legendary American singer, songwriter, and guitarist Charlie Daniels penned an op-ed this week in which he explains that President Donald Trump is not a member of the “club” of establishment Washington elites whose main goal is power – not public service.

In the op-ed for, Daniels reflects on the state of American government, industry and culture in the hands of establishment politicians – Republicans and Democrats alike – who, he says, easily obtain “immunity” from their own “crimes and misdemeanors”:
I’ll let you in on a little secret, Donald Trump is not a member of their club either, and while I’m very well aware that his juvenile name-calling and acerbic tweets do not serve him well sometimes, the main problem the establishment has with Donald Trump is not Russia.
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JShaw: Charlie Daniel's view that if the goals of the Trump administration are reached, the days of the career politician are over may become reality but That doesn't change the real problem that
the DC, Deep State Washington Establishment will still be in place no matter who is running each party. Term limits will never become law.

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