Thursday, August 10, 2017

Google Groupthink Is the Gateway to Totalitarianism


RUSH: I’m glad I waited on the Google story, because there have been developments here that will add to my expose, the entire point that I want to make, that what’s happening at Google is an example of what’s happening on college campi everywhere. This demand for diversity and so-called tolerance is actually leading to the destruction of free speech, and the guy that got fired at Google is making it very plain how things operated out there, and he’s essentially saying the same thing. He’s been interviewed by a couple of people now.

We have that to play-off of. And do you remember when I, El Rushbo, earlier this week said, “Ladies at Google, don’t get offended here. Don’t waste your time becoming social justice warriors. Focus on the money. Google is loaded. You’re being discriminated against, they’re making it plain, and now is the time to go for the money.” In fact, we have audio sound bite number five. This is exactly how I phrased it three days ago.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Google is reeling right now. This is the kind of thing, this is the kind of charge that just sends leftists up the tree, that they’re unfair, that they’re discriminating on the basis of gender. Ladies, tell Google to prove it to you that the guy who wrote the memo is wrong. What you say to Google is, “Show me the money.” Go for the money. Tell ’em you want money. Tell ’em you want raises. Tell Google to prove it. Don’t join the protest march and start throwing underwear and bras. Just demand the money. They’re reeling right now. Hit ’em!

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