Friday, August 11, 2017

How Google's Bizarre Culture of P.C. Intimidation Got That Way

At FrontpageMag  by Daniel Greenfield

If you want to understand the roots of the current crisis at Google, think of a left-wing version of Office Space. Except instead of meaningless buzzwords, the agenda was a social justice witch hunt. Instead of evangelizing technology, Google turned its workplace into a textbook hostile environment. All for social justice. Employees were encouraged to engage in "call out" accusations of prejudice at each other.
The Mountain View, Calif., company began training its workforce in unconscious bias with a 90-minute lecture in 2013. Since then, more than half of its nearly 56,000 employees around the globe have taken part.
Awareness of unconscious bias has increased with the Implicit Association Test. Millions have taken the online test, which measures racial prejudices.
Does it get worse from there? Of course it does.

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