Saturday, August 5, 2017

How Trump Could Force Congress and Its Staff to Live Under Obamacare

JS: This is one of the most important things Pres Trump can accomplish--Making Congress live by same laws it passes for the people, crowds would celebrate in the streets!

From Daily Signal

President Donald Trump could have Congress in an uncomfortable corner over the lawmakers’ exemption, and that of their staff, from Obamacare.

“This is one more instance of Congress passing an unpleasant, expensive, onerous law on citizens and then conferring a valuable benefit on itself,” Joe Morris, former general counsel for the Office of Personnel Management, told The Daily Signal.

Last weekend, Trump tweeted that he could take away the exemption, granted by the Obama administration’s Office of Personnel Management, to prod Congress toward agreement on getting rid of Obamacare.

More Daily Signal      by Fred Lucas

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