Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Laura Ingraham Interviews Corey Lewandowski….and Uniparty Priorities

At ConservativeTreehouse

CTH doesn’t know enough about General John Kelly (specifically) to be overly concerned about his political influence as Chief-of-Staff.

However, CTH does know how the Administrative State operates, and therein everyone should watch closely and cautiously.

If the President becomes isolated from his base of support, and consequently removed from his campaign promises, John Kelly will be the cause.

The administrative state, facilitated by both Republicans and Democrat wings of the UniParty, have a descending list of priorities.  At the top of that list are: •continuance of the Multinational Corporate financial system, •crony capitalistic trade deals, •control over multinational banking systems, and •a porous U.S. border to include massive migration.

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