Monday, August 7, 2017

Liberal Media and Useful Pawns Unite To Remove Steve Bannon From White House…

At ConservativeTreehouse

The useful pawns continue their efforts to take out President Trump’s National Security Adviser HR McMaster.  But what they don’t realize, and the professional liberal activists do, is that ultimately the only person they are going to remove is strategist Steve Bannon.

The same Battered Conservatives that stood for an ovation to House Speaker Paul Ryan (CPAC 2015) two months after passing Omnibus; the same Battered Conservatives who failed to see the inherent risk created by General Mike Flynn in November 2016; are now rushing to create a binary choice between Steve Bannon and HR McMaster in the White House.

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JShaw: I think Trump can lose McMasters, keep Bannon and John Kelly will stay.
McMasters is too closely bound to the establishment and Trump will cut this tie.

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