Sunday, August 13, 2017

McMaster Fired Rich Higgins Over This Memo About Radical Infiltration, WaPo Calls It Crazy--Memo Warns of Dangers of Rad Islam, Marxism, Political Correctness

At IndependentSentinel by S. Noble

Rich Higgins is one of the national security council staff members who has been recently fired by H.R. McMaster. He was fired for a memo which we’ve included.

Mr. Higgins warns of the dangers of radical Islam and cultural Marxism in the memo.
WaPo calls it crazy but not as crazy as Donald Trump’s reaction and many like the NY Times call it conspiratorial.

The former NSC adviser also addresses political correctness and infiltration by destructive forces from his perspective. Read it and decide for yourself.

Through infiltration, he says, our enemy has told us how to understand this war thanks to a hostile warfare campaign fed and nourished by an enemy who wants to perpetuate the myth.

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