Saturday, August 5, 2017

Michael Savage Warns DC Swamp What Will Happen if Trump is Removed -- Day of the Locust!


JS: We the people are no longer part of the American political system. The system is run by a permanent establishment machine that controls every part of the system. Pres Trump's win was  the last time the people will ever beat the system.When people figure this out there will be hell to pay.

From TruthFeed | by Amy Moreno

The left is delusional if they think they can remove our America First President without consequences.

I can tell you, just from feedback online, that even the mention of such a treasonous act results in a passionate chior of “CIVIL WAR” rants.

However, as usual, Democrats are clueless, they have no connection with the American people and are trying to seek revenge for an election loss, without any regard for what their actions can and will do to this country.

No, Trump supporters will not stand back and let the left “take down” the BEST president this country has ever had.

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