Sunday, August 13, 2017

Report: WH aides expect Kelly to push Bannon out in coming weeks

From Hot Air | by ALLAHPUNDIT

Sean Spicer’s and Reince Priebus’s political obituaries were written many times this year, with their dismissals perpetually just days away, and yet they kept hanging on. It’s worth remembering that as you read Politico’s account of Bannon’s supposedly looming demise.

On the other hand, Spicer and Priebus did end up out of the administration eventually. The predictions on how much time they had left were wrong but the general prognosis, that their White House careers would die an untimely death, was right on. It’s worth remembering that too.

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JShaw: The views of Steve Bannon are shared by many of Pres Trump's voters. There is no good reason for Bannon to be removed, There are many reason others like Mcmasters should be removed from the Trump Administration.

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