Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Hatred, Division Won't Stop---We Must Swiftly Divide America into Two Countries

By Jack Shaw

Yesterday's violent confrontation, riot between opposing groups in Charlottesville, Va. was the last straw!

America will never unite as a country again, ever. Half of the country wants these riots and hatred to continue until there is nothing left of America and what is left will be controlled by them.

We don't have time to put together conferences, studies, on this. Nothing will come of further
'unity' projects. The government is in the hands of the enemy. We elected Pres Trump but the Establishment government machine won't budge.The America most of us grew up in is over and has been for years, we just haven't said it aloud to each other.

The most important thing now is to act ASAP to put together our new country while we still can.
It's a race to put the new country together before those against this split try to stop us. Those against the split ino 2 countries will be---every Establishment person, group, Big Government, Big Churches, The establishment Left, the Establishment Right, the GOP, the Dems, Big Media. We will be just like Pres Trump, outsiders who demand change with everyone else in society against us.

When putting together a group to start our push for a new country, allow anyone to participate except politicians, even state, local politicians. They could have come forward and tried to change things but they didn't. Why? You know the answer. This is a 'We the People' new country.

My reasons for getting to a new America are the same as yours. I want to be able to take my family out to dinner, to a concert, to a ball game, a parade and for them to be safe! I want my children to get a good education that includes, a proper view of the history of America, an education that includes American family values, that teaches why we have laws. That teaches the greatness of America.
An education that stresses achievement and lessons that are learned by kids who achieve less.

In New American there will be a totally new Congress, term limits. All judges will dismissed and the new judges will have no agenda in their decisions, just the laws of the land and only the rights in the Original Constitution.

In New America there will be a totally new Media. New TV stations, new newspapers,magazines, movies your kids can see  and real news that relates how events actually happened, real,honest news for you and your kids. TV family programs that show what America really looks using actual demographics as a guide.

The split of American can be done without spilling blood. If America continues as one country the riots will get worse until people take to the streets with weapons and we all lose and America will be burned down and looted.

The easiest way to start the new country is for Red states to band together and have the people in those states for yes or no for the split of America and go from there.

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