Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Solution to North Korean Aggression No One Is Talking About

From Lifezette
When I first suggested writing commentary in support of an embargo of North Korea to several national security experts, they were less than excited about it. They were full of reasons as to why an embargo was a dangerous idea. I understand and appreciate their concern. But the idea is at least worthy of inclusion in the conversation over how to deal with the increasingly aggressive and nuclear regime in Pyongyang.

Any information about North Korea is subject to skepticism because it is a closed society, thus data are not reliable. First, the best estimate for real GDP is about $16 billion. The 100th-largest city in the United States is Reno, Nevada, and it has the same GDP as the entire country of North Korea: $16 billion.

 According to the Observatory of Economic Complexity, North Korea in 2016 had approximately $3.47 billion in imports and $2.83 billion in exports. Coal represented 34 percent of its exports

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