Sunday, August 13, 2017

Why Trump is lucky to have H.R. McMaster


JShaw: When the establishment gushes over a Trump cabinet pick you know what side that pick is on and it's not side of we the people and not good for the Trump administration.

With North Korea only the hottest crisis now facing President Trump, we’re glad he’s just re-emphasized his faith in his national security adviser. The campaign to drive H.R. McMaster off the White House island is built on a pack of lies.
“He’s my friend, and he’s a very talented man. I like him, and I respect him,” Trump noted Thursday. As well he should.

The smears against Gen. McMaster range from the categorically false to the absurd: He’s supposedly hostile to Israel and soft on Iran, a “globalist” opposed to president’s core agenda: all bull, all based on anonymous gossip.

Yes, he has eased out several staffers hired by his predecessor, Gen. Mike Flynn. So what? He’s entitled to his own team. (Flynn may also have overestimated some folks’ fitness: Journalism isn’t great experience for national-security work.)

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